During a consultation round with pitches, Vandersanden went in search of a new partner to develop a marketing campaign for ‘e-board’, an insulation solution for façades. In practical terms, insulation sheets are fixed to façades and then finished off with strips of brick. It is an innovative and extremely interesting procedure with numerous advantages over other forms of insulation, but is also difficult to explain and not the cheapest solution (although it is the best). Vandersanden wanted an advertising campaign to convince more people.


deBottomLine chose an uncommon approach. Rather than pitching with a creative concept and campaign, we decided to explain that BEFORE a campaign could be conceived, it was important to look into who the target group is, what motivates them and why they would make a decision to choose e-board. From there, we wanted to distil a positioning and promise that would ultimately evolve into a campaign. This approach struck a chord and was carried out in this way. We were responsible for the initial analyses (statistical analyses and funnel analyses) and for the market research. Drawing on the resulting lessons learned, we were able to determine the positioning and devise a concept specific to the needs of Vandersanden that focused on insulating while renovating. Vandersanden explicitly wanted to be able to analyse the results of each element of the campaign. We therefore chose a Marketing Automation Platform with an accompanying website ( and used all media in a quantifiable way (including the offline media: radio and DM). All forms of communication (radio, website, banners and DM, etc.) were conceived, carried out and implemented by deBottomLine with a view to measurability and traceability.  The entire campaign was moulded around the concept of insulating while renovating with an exclusive, low-threshold Call to Action (request the guide) to generate leads, which were subsequently followed up in a nurturing flow via persona-based personalised e-mails and guided towards conversion (a quotation request).


Our campaign was able to generate thousands of leads. For almost every lead we can trace its path to recognized lead. The nurturing flows were monitored and adjusted where necessary. The result is a better flow of leads to contractors and a better quality of leads, enabling the cost per lead, cost per acquisition and life-time value to be measured.

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