Average Suzuki owners can drive their car for many years without any trouble. However, after five, six or seven years it is time for a replacement. All car manufacturers face the same challenge of getting those owners to purchase the same brand. Brand loyalty is a relative phenomenon and is not always based on objective criteria. Dealers also often maintain contact, but the link with the importer might be much less deep-seated. In spite of this, Suzuki was eager to work on building brand loyalty and brand preference.


deBottomLine developed a workflow that focused attention on the car, rather than the car owner. We now send a birthday card to the car (and its owner). That card might be a small gesture, but more importantly we also developed Direct Mail which is activated at significant moments (first year, end of warranty and end of life) with a specific call to action to inspire owners to make additional purchases (aftersales) or to replace their car (with a new Suzuki).


Qualitative results concerning brand preference and reminder values are excellent (studies by Suzuki and bPost). Quantitative results are also excellent, both in terms of sales and in the areas of repeated purchases and brand loyalty. We would be happy to discuss the full results with you in person:

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