Continental Foods is a traditional FMCG supplier with a multi-brand portfolio. Like all FMCG suppliers, Continental Foods is faced with the fact that all data is held by the well-known retailers. This means that they have less control of and grip on their activities and consumers. In order to arm herself better against continued digitisation, Lies Eeckman – Advertiser Personality of the Year 2017 – wanted to invest in a CRM solution that would make Continental Foods less dependent on retailers in the long term, while providing greater leverage in branding and advertising in the short term.


Continental Foods had already received a number of quotes for CRM packages bursting with features, but which also involved a considerable price tag, implementation phase and learning curve. We approached it from a completely different perspective: we first looked at those functions that were essential for Continental Foods, taking into account the objectives and GDPR. Once those were clear, we assessed 15 of the most popular solutions on the market. By means of a SWOT analysis and a cost and implementation evaluation, we were able to select the most suitable platform for Continental Foods. We then managed the whole implementation and configuration of the platform. To top it all off, each brand was provided with its own Direct Strategy and contact plan.


The time savings that Continental Foods has been able to achieve in data processing and analysis are truly impressive. In addition, the data also underwent a thorough cleaning, so that only valuable data remained. The platform is ready to deal with all future actions and deBottomLine now guides all the creative agencies Continental Food collaborates with in terms of data collection and regulations. Of course, Continental Foods Marketing is now also completely GDPR proof!

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