The proud parents of this agency

Steven Van Dingenen.
Founding father
Strategist, Client Service Director, Account, Keynote speaker and moderator: I've done it all. That's how I got in contact with a lot of people… and got to know their frustrations about the current advertising agencies!

Veerle Dauwe.
Founding mother
Market researcher, data cruncher, Business Intelligence consultant, CRM & (e)DM specialist.
I love to dig into your data and translate the overload of stats and figures
into comprehensive, actionable insights and recommendations.
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what advertising should be about?

not about Cannes, parties and being 'on a stage'...

we are proud to work for:

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We believe in the ROI loop and we prove it in the Customer Intelligence Report®

Increase the return on your marketing spendings together with an agency that delivers results
through sustainable business intelligence in a cost-efficient way.

The budgets all my old agencies gave me? I couldn't understand a thing: I only got a spreadsheet with a list of hours and rates...


At "de Bottomline", we build our budgets, timings and rates on two simple principles:
Do you know if and how your marketing spendings have an effect on your bottom line?

(85% of the European marketers answered 'no, not really' in a recent survey)


Steven Van Dingenen
Mobile: +32 473 33 99 04

Veerle Dauwe
Mobile: +32 486 38 00 31

Prins Boudewijnlaan 24C
2550 Kontich