We focus on producing communication that gets results using a strategic and analytical approach.

What makes our approach different?

No Account Managers who have to ask around for every bit of information. We offer direct contact with the people who work on your brand and product, and who know your portfolio inside out. 

When you call, Steven, Veerle and Marlies will be happy to help you straight away. We share all information, so everyone is up to date.

Creativity is important… but not as important as the ‘story’. Backed by a solid brand or product story, a bold creation can deliver so much more. If the story isn’t perfect, even the best creation won’t bring you great results.

That’s why we always adopt an analytical approach, starting with the story: first get the basics right, and the rest will follow. A great idea that doesn’t quite fit in with the story? Then it’s NOT a great idea…

ROI must be measurable, demonstrable and objective. We take this into account from the word ‘go’. And by ROI we mean ROI for the end-customer, it’s not about ‘how well the campaign did’.

We always select our creatives and specialists based on their profile: are they a good fit for the customer, product or project in question? This way, we can ensure a smooth and efficient follow-up… which also saves money.

We have a network of more than 70 freelancers from which we always put together the best team for your campaign. It’s a real bonus that we don’t have to limit ourselves to a limited number of employees on our payroll.

Hourly rates don’t depend on who you are, but on what you do. And you’re either thinking about something, or you’re doing something. And this matches our 2 hourly rates: thinking and doing. 

After all, why should you pay more just because you have experience (or happen to be a manager) when you call a printing shop, for example?

Technology has to work for the customer, not the other way around. The very thought of forcing all our customers to use one platform or one software package just because we happen to manage them or get commission really gives us the jitters.

You only reap the benefits of efficiency if you have and use technology that really suits your organisation, structure, objectives and budget. That’s what we believe in…

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Creatief agentschap met originele ideeën

deBottomLine is een creatief agentschap met originele ideeën. Graag komen ze verrassend uit de hoek bij nieuwe campagnes. Ook met een klein budget, maken ze grote veranderingen. Hun flexibiliteit is uitstekend. Wanneer het even heel snel moet gaan, kan je steeds op deBottomLine rekenen. Bovendien is er telkens een leuke samenwerking met een persoonlijke aanpak!

Querensa Meurs

Marketing assistant bij Isuzu Benelux

Een correcte klantenbenadering en een succesvolle campagne

We hebben met deBottomLine een mediacampagne uitgewerkt, gekoppeld aan lead generation en marketing automation. Steven en Veerle hebben ons niet enkel ingewijd in de automation-principes, maar ook in de wereld van big data.. Alles werd gebaseerd op data-analyse en als een spiegel voorgehouden aan sales-veronderstellingen. Dat leidde regelmatig tot eye-openers en uiteindelijk tot een correcte klantenbenadering en een succesvolle campagne. deBottomline goochelt met cijfertjes en vertaalt dit naar inzichten. Een fijne samenwerking waar we met plezier naar terugkijken.

Dominique Nassen

Product Manager bij Vandersanden NV

Heel creatief, kwalitatief denk- en doe-werk

deBottomLine levert heel creatief, kwalitatief denk- en doe-werk aan. Daarnaast werken zij zeer flexibel en halen ze deadlines met gemak. Als er onverwacht extra werk binnenkomt, zetten zij zich voor 200% in om toch op tijd klaar te raken! Bij een nieuwe briefing, krijgen we altijd het verwachte resultaat, maar zelfs nog meer: ze denken mee met ons, gaan nog verder en komen met nog vele andere “out of the box” ideeën. Dus ook een dikke pluim om initiatief te nemen.

Annemie Vandevelde

Marketing manager bij Woningen Blavier

Créativité qui permet à une marque comme Yakult de se redynamiser

Nous travaillons depuis quelques années avec deBottomLine pour nos activités BTL, principalement nos activités CRM et réseaux sociaux. Ce que nous aimons particulièrement chez eux c’est leur créativité qui permet à une marque comme Yakult de se redynamiser. Ils ont une connaissance très pointue du fonctionnement des réseaux sociaux, nos campagnes sont de ce fait parfaitement menées et rentabilisées d’un point de vue coût/contact. De plus deBottomLine partage son savoir avec ses clients et les pousse à être autonomes dans certains domaines. La collaboration n’est donc pas statique et évolue en fonction des acquis de chacun.

Tania Platteeuw

Project Communication Manager chez Yakult Belgium

Hands on agency

Hands on agency without “bla bla bla”. They deliver what they promise.

Mark Van Aelst

CEO at AB Safety

No-nonsense and open-minded approach

Our solid partner for CRM and Marketing Automation with a no nonsense and open minded approach. We appreciate the creative, flexible and budget respecting way of working!

Karolien Deben

Communication coordinator at Suzuki Belgium

Definitely would recommend them

We launched our B2B platform in Europe and we wanted to support this business with simple but rich email marketing strategy. Steve and Veerle where great to get us up and running. Their business acumen, understanding about customers & consumer needs and their technical knowledge was great asset to set us in the right direction as well as helping us achieve amazing results. Always accessible and willing to help us. Their proactive and fun approach made our team stay focus on the fundamentals. They are not complaisant and would challenge us to ensure we take the best approach to satisfy our customers while archiving our objectives. Definitely would recommend them.

Gustavo Gerzanich

Head of Wholesale at Levi Strauss Europe

A pleasure to work with

Broad creativity, no nonsense budget, execution within deadline/budget and with very high quality standards, quick response time, complementary team: a pleasure to work with!

Dominic Dhaene

Area Manager at ABK bank

Very proud to work with the BottomLine

We are very proud to work with the BottomLine as partner! TBL started up our Social Media campaign from scratch and helped us develop the specific strategy until the execution in a very short period and well defined process. ( within +/- 3 months time ) A very hand on approach very close to the client needs with regulary checkpoints if everything is aligned and in line with the KPI’s. Always in line with the budget requirements. Steven and Veerle and Marlies a very nice people to work together in a constructive challenger role. We want to establish a long-term partnership with TBL.

Patrick Houben

Sales & Marketing Manager at Yakult Belgium

We liked working with this agency

TheBottomline has done a great Social Media support for us. They were in charge of 3 brand facebookpages. With a good guideline they will be very creative and make suggestions to post relevant things for your brand (always within the DNA of the brand). Even if you have a small budget, they will get out the most of it. We liked working with this agency, very accessible and friendly people.

Lena Lacambra

Junior Product Manager at Hanes Benelux